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About us

I'm a mom of a little boy living in Salo, and in the spring of 2022, I purchased Villa Eden as our cozy getaway. Here, all necessary amenities are easily accessible, allowing you to fully focus on relaxation. It was clear from the start that I intended also to rent out Villa Eden, as our busy schedules don't afford us much time to enjoy this quaint getaway regularly.

When decorating Villa Eden, I emphasized practicality and paid attention to details. I chose natural tones – beige, gray, and turquoise – which create a soothing atmosphere. Additionally, my friend painted a suitable artwork for the space, intending to visually expand the area and infuse spirituality into the modern environment.

In spring 2023, Villa Eden underwent the eagerly awaited installation of glazing, a decision that has proven to be an excellent investment. The glazed area now serves as a summer living room and provides protection for our favorite spot, the hot tub. From here, you can admire breathtaking summer sunsets and enjoy starry winter skies free from light pollution.

I warmly welcome you to our little paradise – Villa Eden. I hope you'll treat as you would your own cottage. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and I'm always eager to make improvements based on it.

Welcome to our place!

Olga & Lukas

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