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Villa Eden

Täysihoitolantie 6 as 16

25870 Kemiönsaari

Hotel Merikruunu

+358 50 380 5672

Olga (owner)

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Villa Eden instructions

1. Merikruunu village

The Archipelago Village Merikruunu is a new concept of holiday living in the archipelago, where you can enjoy the sea and a bit of luxury in the best strategic location close to all services.

Merikruunu is a masterpiece of architects Lukas Senkus and Peik Cygnel, which exudes a Scandinavian atmosphere and charm with its individuality, respecting the area’s great old history, which it still wants to listen to.

There are 30 m2 villas and 44 m2 villas with saunas in the area with a total of 40 villas.

Merikruunu Holiday Village is operated by a former boarding house built in the 1930s – Hotel Merikruunu, whose services are available to customers. The hotel offers a full restaurant and breakfast service, and there is also a cozy pub downstairs and 14 rooms upstairs. The lunch menu changes daily. If you need more accommodation for a larger group of friends, please contact the hotel regarding availability.

On the beach area, there is a beach sauna and a new sauna with a hot tub above the hotel building. Please inquire about reservations at the hotel.

Villa Eden, which was finished in May 2022, can be found a mere 50 meters away from the Hotel Merikruunu. The villa boasts ample space and is fitted with a sauna and a hot tub, making it one of the largest in the Archipelago Village of Merikruunu. Guests can enjoy a serene and tranquil stay at Villa Eden while taking in the stunning sea view overlooking the village. The villa is situated in a peaceful location at the outskirts of the Archipelago Village. In the summertime, guests can witness a breathtaking sunset over the horizon from the scenic area opposite the villa.

2. Surroundings

Villa Eden is located by the seaside in the village of Kärra in Kemiönsaari, with good connections to other destinations in Kemiönsaari. There is a sheltered guest marina on the beach. The beach area and the pier are for shared use among the villa owners and guests, and there are safe swimming stairs at the end of the pier.

Within a kilometer walk you will also find a magnificent lake and a lovely, shallow sandy beach at Furulundintie. See Kemiönsaari's public beaches here.

The archipelago villas enjoy a prime location along the road and boat channel, and there is a bus stop at the border of the property. From Archipelago Village Merikruunu it is a short distance to everywhere. The port of Kasnäs with a sea spa and from where you can take a ferry to wonderful archipelago destinations, is about 20 minutes away. Taalintehdas is only 5 minutes away, as is the beautiful Söderlångvik manor/museum with its enormous apple gardens. If you enjoy playing golf, the nearest golf course, Bjärkas Golf, is 15 minutes away. You can also take day trips from the area to Västanfjärd, Mathildedal, Perniö, Örö castle island, Hiittinen island and Högsåra – just to name a few.

There are two markets nearby:

  1. K-Market Dragsfärd, Kullantie 150

  2. K-Kärra, Kirkonkyläntie 7


Within walking distance, you'll also find the café/restaurant Café Road Yttis. The nearest ALKO and several other grocery stores can be found at Taalintehdas, about 5 km away. In summer you can get fresh fish from the market.


3. Facilities

Villa Eden has an open concept area consisting of a kitchen and a living room with an air source heat pump, a bedroom, two lofts with windows, a bathroom with a sauna and a large sea terrace with an outdoor jacuzzi, barbecue and dining area.

The kitchen includes a fridge-freezer, induction hob and oven, as well as a dishwasher, kettle and coffee maker, tableware for six people and everything you need for cooking.

The bedroom has a double bed, a TV, and a wardrobe (one part is locked and reserved for the villa owner's belongings) and there are two 80 cm single beds/matresses in each loft. The villa is rented for maximum of 4 people.

The bathroom has a toilet, sauna, shower, electric towel dryer, washing machine and hair dryer.

The villa has custom-made blackout curtains and blinds that darken the front windows of the living room. Please handle curtains and blinds with care! When you are not using blinds, keep them at the top of the window. Leave the blinds slightly open at the top and bottom overnight to prevent condensation from accumulating on the floor and windows. If water does accumulate, wipe it up with a cloth.

The villa is also suitable for families with children and the villa has e.g. a children's travel cot (assembly instructions can be found in the villa's folder), a high chair and a security gate on the stairs. Pull and lift the handle to open it.

Villa Eden’s terrace has its own hot tub for 4 people, always heated. Please read the instructions for the hot tub carefully!

The terrace of Villa Eden is partially glassed, and the doors of the glazing are openable. Please handle the doors carefully. There is also a ready-to-use gas grill on the terrace.

4. Instuctions

4.1 General

Villa Eden is located below the hotel, on the edge of the forest, below Villa #15. Check-in is at 4:00 PM and check-out is at 12:00 PM. The key is kept in a key locker located to the left of the terrace enclosure. The villa owner will send the code before arrival.

The living room and bedrooms have adjustable spotlights. Press and turn the switches to adjust the lights. The terrace lights can be turned on using the hallway light switch.

The air heat pump is the main source of heating in Villa Eden and can also be used for cooling. The temperature of the air heat pump can be adjusted as needed, and its remote control can be found in the wall box on the fixed staircase wall. The instructions for using the air heat pump can be found in the villa's folder, and here are the main functions:

  • With the On/Off button, you can turn the pump on or off.

  • Using the Mode button, you can select the "AUTO" mode and adjust the temperature with the plus/minus buttons.

  • With the Fan button, you can adjust the strength of the air flow.


Villa Eden also has electric heaters, which are connected to smart power sockets that should not be unplugged. The thermostats on the heaters should also not be touched. The bedroom doors can be opened onto the terrace.


Do not touch the air conditioning vents. They are set to automatic mode, which means they will run faster when needed and slow down later.


There are candlesticks and lanterns in the living room and on the terrace, which have LED candles. The use of regular candles is prohibited.

4.2 Kitchen, living room and storage room

In the kitchen, you'll find dishwashing liquid and dishwasher tablets in addition to a dish brush. Remember to open the tap when using the dishwasher and close it afterwards. The tap for the dishwasher is closed when the lever points upwards.


In the storage closet of the villa, you'll find a cordless vacuum cleaner and its charger. Don't keep the vacuum cleaner plugged in all the time, but instead use up the battery completely before the next recharge. Empty the contents of the vacuum cleaner as needed.

If you spill food or drink on the sofa or carpet, pour a generous amount of baking soda on it. Let the soda absorb, wait, and then vacuum the soda away. Wipe only after that. You'll also find a textile cleaning spray in the storage closet. Please inform us if the sofa or carpet needs cleaning so we can arrange further action!

If you notice any broken or missing dishes or utensils, please inform us via email at  so that we can provide each guest with the necessary items according to the inventory list.

4.3 Bathroom and sauna

In the bathroom, there is a toilet, a sink, a shower corner, an electric towel dryer, a drying washing machine, and an electric sauna. A hairdryer can be found in the drawer of the sink.

There is underfloor heating and two thermostats in both the bathroom and the sauna. If you adjust the temperature, please return it to 15°C on both thermostats before leaving.

The towel dryer is connected to a smart power outlet, and it can be turned on/off by pressing the gray button on the side. Do not unplug the power cord or remove the smart outlet from the wall. Always remember to turn off the smart outlet after use.

When using the washing machine, remember to turn on the water by turning the valve to the left fully before starting and close the valve when the washing cycle is complete. This ensures that the washing machine gets enough water and prevents potential water damage.

The bathroom window can be fully or partially opened by turning the handle upward. Note that there is a mosquito net installed on the window, so you can keep the window open without worrying about insects.

Use the floor dryer hanging on the shower wall to dry the floor in the bathroom. Remember to wipe your feet and body dry before moving to the terrace to avoid slipping and to keep the area clean and safe.

To turn on the sauna, press the I/O button. The sauna is programmed to heat to 75°C and will remain on for 2 hours at a time. Reprogramming the sauna is prohibited due to fire hazards and energy efficiency.

Adjust sauna ventilation control panel on the wall facing the bathroom to the right during use and to the left after use. Raise the lever on the back wall during use and lower after use for adequate ventilation and safety. Do not grill on the sauna stove or use anything other than water, such as scents or other substances.


An initial package of toilet paper and hand soap can be found in the bathroom. Please ensure that you leave the same amount of paper as before use when leaving.

4.4 Terrace glazing

The terrace of Villa Eden is partly glazed, and the doors of the glazing can be opened by sliding. Be careful when handling the doors to avoid damage. Inside the glass doors are pull knobs that can be used to open and close the doors. Remember to be careful not to accidentally close the glass doors from the inside if you don't want to.

Outside the glass doors, there is also a lock that is usually unlocked.

4.5 Gas grill

On the terrace, you will find a gas grill, a gas bottle, a grill cleaning brush, a grill cover, and a fire extinguisher. Tongs can be found in the kitchen. Remember to put the grill cover on only after it has cooled down.

We recommend using foil grill mats to keep the grill clean. If the grill is left noticeably dirty after use, an additional cleaning fee will be charged. Cleaning the grill is not included in the final cleaning, each renter is responsible for cleaning it themselves.

To clean the grill, heat it up and then brush it with a steel brush that can be found under the grill, as well as the fire extinguisher. Remember to wipe the outside of the grill as well.

The grill is intended for outdoor grill only. Turn off after use. Remember to close the gas valve after use. Email if gas runs out:

4.6 Hot tub

Villa Eden is equipped with a compact 160 x 160 cm LYFCO FOIBE hot tub. Before using the hot tub, please carefully read the instructions and warnings. The hot tub is a delicate device, so unnecessary adjustments should be avoided.

4.7 Cleaning

Although a professional takes care of the final cleaning, customers are still responsible for cleaning before departure. This includes washing dishes, emptying the fridge, cleaning the oven and grill, tidying up the holiday home and its surroundings, and taking out the trash. We will charge separately for cleaning costs if the villa is very dirty or items are damaged or broken. Renters are responsible for the furnishings during the rental period and must compensate for any damage to the villa or its furnishings.

4.8 Safety

There are two smoke detectors in the living room and bedrooms, which are connected to the mains power. A foam fire extinguisher can be found in the storage closet, and fire blankets are located under the grill and on top of the microwave.

Smoking is strictly prohibited indoors and on the terrace area for safety reasons.

5.0 Equipment list

Living room and kitchen

  • Table and chairs x4

  • Seat cushion x4

  • Tablet coaster x4

  • Candelabra and LED candle

  • Sofa

  • Decorative cushion x2

  • Derocative blanket
  • Carpet

  • Painting

  • Ball tuffet

  • Side table

  • Closet

  • SmartThings router

  • Wifi moder

  • Radio

  • Vase and artificial flowers

  • Frame TV ja remote control

  • Side table

  • Mirror

  • Clock

Cooking utensils

  • Kettle

  • Moccamaster

  • Microwave

  • Fire blanket

  • Frying pan and lid x2

  • Pot and lid x3

  • Lid holder

  • Strainer

  • Cutting board

  • Kitchen paper holder

  • Kitchen knife x3

  • Fork x6

  • Knife x6

  • Spoon x6

  • Cake shovel

  • Potato peeler

  • Grill tongs

  • Big plate x6

  • Deep plate x6

  • Small plate x6

  • Drinking glass x6

  • Wine glass x6

  • Champagne glass x6

  • Cup x6

  • Children's big and deep plate, glass, utensils x6

  • Carafe
  • Oven pan x2

  • Salad bowlx3

  • Small glass container with lid x3

  • Big glass container with lid/over pan

  • Mid-size glass container with lid x2

  • High glass container with lid

  • Tray

  • Cheese grater

  • Kitchen utensils, 5 parts

  • Corkscrew opener

  • Wooden spreader x4

  • Scissors x3

  • Tea box

  • Magnetic saucepan

  • Silicone patch glove

  • Measuring set

  • Measuring jug


  • Frame mattress 80 cm x2

  • Mattress topper160 cm

  • Mattress protector160 cm

  • Pillow and pillow protector x2

  • Blanket x2

  • Decoration pillow x4

  • Bed cover

  • Bed mat x2

  • Decorative blanket

  • Bedside table

  • Table lamp

  • Painting x2

  • TV and remoter

  • Indoor antenna

  • Hangers x8

  • Travel cot and mattress

  • Iron

  • Pigeonhole

  • Coat rack

Bathroom and sauna

  • Hair dryer

  • Garbage can

  • Floor dryer

  • Toilet brush

  • Soap pump

  • Toothbrush holder

  • Bathroom mat

  • Sauna bucket

  • Sauna thermometer

Loft #1

  • Mattress 80 cm x2

  • Mattress topper 80 cm x2

  • Mattress protector 80 cm x2

  • Bedside table

  • Table lamp

  • Pillow and pillow protector x2

  • Blanket x2

  • Decorative blanket

  • Number lock

  • Child gate x2

Storage room

  • Vacuum cleaner

  • Mop

  • Foam extinguisher

  • First aid kit, boating (including tick pliers)

  • Antiseptic wound cleaner spray and launchers

  • Fabric cleaner spray

  • High chair

  • Potty

  • Box with toys

  • Ironing board

  • Sini dustpan and brush

  • Clothes dryer rack

  • Shoe rack

  • Shoehorn

  • Plastic stool

  • Fishing rod

Loft #2

  • Bed with mattress 80 cm x2

  • Mattress topper 80 cm x2

  • Mattress protector 80 cm x2

  • Pillow and pillow protector x2

  • Blanket x2


  • Gas grill and cover

  • Grill brush

  • Fire blanket

  • Terrace table, 4 chairs with black seat cushions

  • Sofa

  • Sun lounger x2

  • Side table x2

  • Terrace brush (also a snow shovel in winter)

  • Rake (also a snow shovel in winter)

  • Boot scraper

  • Plant pot

  • Cushion storage box #1 with toys

  • Cushion storage box #2 with hot tub maintenance tools

  • Hose reel

  • Lambskin x2

  • Decorative cushion

  • Fatboy lamp (in winter)

  • Wooden tray and decorations

  • "No smoking" sign

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