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Rental terms

1. Rental agreement


The rental agreement is deemed to have been established when both parties have verbally or in writing accepted the terms, rental period, rental price, and the reservation has been marked in the cottage calendar.

According to this rental agreement made with Villa Eden, you are the tenant, and the owner of the cottage is the landlord. These rental terms apply to the rental agreement made between Villa Eden and the tenant.

The established agreement binds both parties, and the obligations or responsibilities of the agreement cannot be transferred to a third party.

During the booking process, the tenant is asked for the following information - name, phone number, email address, a photo ID (the picture will be deleted when the customer has left and there are no complaints about the condition of the cottage). Before the start of the vacation, the tenant will receive a booking confirmation and instructions concerning Villa Eden. The tenant must be 18 years old on the day the cottage is booked.

2. Rental period

Check-in takes place from 16:00 onwards on the day of arrival, and check-out is by 12:00 noon at the latest on the day of departure. More information about check-in can be obtained from the owner.

Check-in cannot be arranged by a third party.

3. Pricing and payments

Upon booking, 50% of the reservation price is to be paid, and the remaining 50% is to be paid one week prior to arrival to the following bank account:

  • Bank Account: FI04 1551 3500 0270 29


  • Owner: Olga Cherepenina

All prices are stated in euros unless otherwise specified. The reservation is binding immediately, regardless of the method of booking. Failure to comply with payment terms will be considered a breach of the agreement, and Villa Eden reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement without prior notice.

Compensation for damages or costs arising from breaches of the agreement must be paid immediately and within 14 days at the latest. If payment is not made within the stipulated payment term, we will issue a notice. If the payment term is not mutually agreed upon again or payment is not made immediately following the notice, the claim will be transferred to debt collection.

In the commencement of debt collection, an additional fee of €90 is added to the outstanding amount. Debt collection is carried out by an external service provider, and interest costs are added to the payment demand by their actions. Debt collection concludes upon payment or legal action.

4. Cancellations/Changes

The reservation is binding and cannot be canceled or changed.

Villa Eden recommends that customers have appropriate travel insurance that covers the entire travel group in case of sudden accidents and also compensates for trip cancellations.


5. Villa Eden

5.1 Use of Villa Eden

Unless otherwise agreed, the cottage may only be used for vacation purposes. The tenant must use the cottage with care and is responsible for the cottage and its furnishings during the rental period. The tenant should pay attention to energy efficiency (especially during the winter, regarding the use of doors, windows, and the hot tub cover). The landlord has the right, without separate notice, to ensure the compliance of the rental agreement in the manner they deem appropriate during the rental period. This might include inspections or sensors.

Breach of the agreement will result in immediate termination of the rental agreement and eviction from the premises. In case of a breach of the agreement, the rental payment will not be refunded. If a breach is committed or discovered at the end of the rental period, compensation of €150 will be charged in addition to any possible damage compensation.

5.2 Number of persons

Villa Eden and its associated property are intended for use by a maximum number of individuals as stated when booking the villa. This maximum number includes children and guests of all ages. If the number of individuals using the holiday home or property exceeds the allowed maximum, Villa Eden has the right to remove the excess individuals from the premises without prior notice. If the tenant does not comply with such an eviction order within 2 hours of its issuance, the villa owner has the right to immediately terminate the rental agreement without further warning, remove all occupants from the property, and withhold the paid rent.

5.3 Tents and caravans

Setting up tents and placing caravans or similar structures on the cottage's property or its vicinity is prohibited without prior permission. Villa Eden has the right to demand the immediate removal of such items. If the tenant does not promptly comply with such an order, Villa Eden has the right to immediately terminate the rental agreement without further warning, remove all occupants from the property, and withhold the paid rent.

5.4 Pets and allergies

Pets are not typically allowed at Villa Eden. However, exceptions may arise.

Violation of the pet agreement will lead to the immediate termination of the rental agreement and eviction from the property. In the event of a breach of the agreement, the rental payment will not be refunded.

Villa Eden cannot guarantee that there have been no pets in the property in the past. Villa Eden is not responsible for any allergic reactions that may occur to the tenant due to allergens in the cottage.

5.5 Noise

Tenants may be exposed to noise from construction machinery, traffic, or similar sources in the village area. Villa Eden cannot be held responsible for noise disturbances.

The tenant must not create noise disturbances for neighboring cottages and residences through their own actions.

5.6 Hot tub

The tenant is solely responsible for the use of the hot tub. Children must not be in the hot tub area without adult supervision. Exceeding the maximum allowed number of people or engaging in queue-like bathing is prohibited. Specific instructions with associated fines have been established for the use of the hot tub.

The hot tub cover must be kept closed when not in use due to waste and energy efficiency reasons. The hot tub cover should be handled with care, and sitting on it is prohibited. Incorrect usage will result in charges based on the replacement value.

Self-initiated water replacement in the hot tub is prohibited (incorrect actions can lead to pump damage and malfunctions). If the water level in the hot tub falls below the lowest jets, the tenant must refill the hot tub with water. The hot tub should not be turned off using the main switch.

Smoking is not allowed in the hot tub, and no coloring agents (such as hair dyes), liquids, or bodily fluids should enter the water. Access to the hot tub should be through the shower, and feet should be cleaned before entering. Charges for cleaning and/or filter replacement resulting from incorrect usage, as well as potential permanent damages, will be applied separately.

5.7 Sauna and shower facilities

The tenant is solely responsible for the use of the sauna. Children must not be in the sauna area without adult supervision. Exceeding the maximum allowed number of people or engaging in queue-like bathing is prohibited.

The sauna is pre-programmed to 75°C and can be turned on for a maximum of 2 hours at a time. Re-programming the sauna controls according to personal preferences is prohibited due to fire hazard and energy efficiency reasons. A fee of 20 € will be charged for re-programming the sauna heater.

Grilling is not allowed in the sauna stove, and no scents or substances other than water should be used in the sauna. A fee of 80 € will be charged for incorrect usage leading to the need to replace sauna stones.

Energy consumption should also be considered by closing the doors of the shower facilities.

5.8 Grill

The tenant is solely responsible for the use of the grill. Children must not be in the grill area without adult supervision. It is the tenant's responsibility to leave the grill in a clean condition for the next user.

Remember to close the gas cylinder valve after use. If the gas runs out during use, please inform the cottage owner.

5.9 Smoking and open flames

Smoking indoors, on the terrace and in the hot tub is prohibited. When smoking outdoors, special caution must be exercised to prevent fires. Cigarette butts, snus/snuff pouches should not be discarded in the environment but should be disposed of in waste bins by the tenant.

In case of a breach of the agreement and indoor smoking, charges will apply for ventilation and ozone treatment expenses. The minimum charge for odor nuisance compensation is 400 €.

6. Energy and water consumption

Included in the price with normal usage.

7. Final cleaning

The final cleaning is included in the price. Even though a professional carries out the final cleaning, this does not exempt the tenant from the responsibility to wash dishes, empty the refrigerator, clean the oven and grill, organize the cottage and its surroundings before departure, and take out the trash.

8. Damages

The tenant is obligated to take proper care of the rented premises and return them in the same condition as they were when the tenant moved in, excluding normal wear and tear. The tenant is responsible for damages to the cottage and/or its furnishings that occur during the rental period, caused by the tenant or other individuals to whom the tenant has granted access to the rented cottage The tenant is liable for minor damages or the loss of furnishings. Claims regarding damages occurring during the rental period should be made if the deficiency has been reported or can be identified during a regular inspection before three weeks have passed since the end of the rental period, provided that the tenant has not acted fraudulently.

9. Deficiencies, complaints, and repairs

The rental property is handed over to the tenant in impeccable condition. If the tenant notices upon receiving the cottage that the cleaning is incomplete or that there are damages or deficiencies in the villa, the tenant is obliged to make an immediate complaint, as otherwise, the tenant loses the right to refer to these deficiencies. Complaints regarding cleaning must be presented immediately. Complaints regarding damages or deficiencies must be made as soon as possible and no later than 72 hours from the start of the rental period or the identification of the deficiency or damage. Complaints should be addressed to Villa Eden's representative - Olga Cherepenina, 050 486 3988.

The tenant is responsible for limiting damages, deficiencies, and errors on their part and assisting in minimizing any losses to Villa Eden. Villa Eden has the right to rectify any faults or deficiencies. In the case of a complaint, the tenant is obligated to allow Villa Eden a reasonable period to rectify any deficiency or damage. If the tenant leaves the cottage before the end of the rental period without prior agreement with Villa Eden, it is at the tenant's own risk and expense.

If the presented complaint is not resolved to the tenant's satisfaction during the rental period, it should be submitted in writing to Villa Eden within 14 days from the end of the rental period, considering further processing. Written complaints can be sent to the email address: Any liability for compensation only covers immediate economic loss. Villa Eden cannot be held responsible for indirect damage or other than economic (immaterial) damage.

10. Legislation

These terms and any disputes arising from them shall be governed by Finnish legislation, which both parties agree to in this agreement. Disputes arising from this agreement will be resolved by the competent court at the location of the cottage.

11. Exceptional events

11.1 Force majeure

If the rental cannot be carried out or if its execution becomes significantly impeded due to circumstances or force majeure events such as war, natural disasters, environmental catastrophes, drought, other exceptional weather conditions, epidemics, border closures, transportation conditions, currency exchange disruptions, strikes, lockouts, and similar force majeure events that could not have been foreseen at the time of entering into the rental agreement, Villa Eden has the right to cancel the rental agreement, and Villa Eden shall not be held liable for the mentioned circumstances. In the event of force majeure, Villa Eden has the right to retain all reservation costs paid by the tenant.

11.2 Insects

Villa Eden cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by insects potentially present in the cottage or on the property, nor for theft, vandalism, or similar actions affecting the landlord's property.

11.3 COVID-19

Cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic will be treated similarly to other impediments arising from illnesses. Exposure or falling ill, leading to the cancellation of a visit, is the responsibility of the tenant and their potential travel insurance. It is prohibited to visit the holiday home if you have been exposed to or are suffering from COVID-19. If you become ill shortly after your visit, please inform Villa Eden immediately.

12. Additional information


  1. If the tenant enters into a special written agreement with Villa Eden that deviates from the normal rental conditions in one or more aspects, the other rental terms of Villa Eden shall remain in force regardless.

  2. Villa Eden is rented in the order of reservations.

  3. Villa Eden is not responsible for errors in images and printing.

  4. Villa Eden has provided all information on the internet as truthfully as possible. As Villa Eden is a privately cottage, there may be changes to the provided information. Villa Eden is not liable for this.

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